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Manure Handling

Whether you’re looking for a Green Bedding System, Composted Bedding System or a Sand Separation System, Foxland Incorporated has the design and implementation capabilities you need.

mclanahan_logoMcLanahan Manure System Design

Starting at the cow, manure must be conveyed from the cow, to a treatment process, to storage, then ultimately applied to the fields. All this must be accomplished while minimizing labor requirements and capital expenditures, as well as eliminating negative environmental impacts.

Sand bedding greatly complicates manure system design due to the abrasiveness of sand, as well as the tendency of sand grains to settle in pipes and manure storages. McLanahan Agricultural Engineers specialize in manure system design where sand bedding is used.

Who would use Mclanahan Manure System Design Services?

  • Dairy producers planning an expansion or new facility
  • Contractors requiring engineering expertise
  • Someone requiring professional engineer certification of drawings for permitting purposes

Specific Services Involving Sand-Manure May Include:

  • Total manure system design
  • Flush System Design – designing new and troubleshooting existing systems
  • Sand-manure separator system design – either passive or mechanical
  • Manure storage design
  • Construction drawings
  • Obtaining permits

daritech_logoDaritech Manure System Design

By combining the age old science of composting with the knowledge and wherewithal of DariTech, dairies will be able to say goodbye to sawdust and shavings, and hello to recycled manure as bedding for their cows. Not only that, but they will be able to do so at a cost far lower than has been previously available in systems utilizing similar science. Here’s how it works:

Scraped manure, or dewatered flush manure, is fed directly into an EYS Separator specially designed by DariTech to provide the ideal feedstock for theBeddingMaster, which is made up of manure solids at 32% dry matter.

The separated solids are fed into the BeddingMaster by passing through the fixed opening in the entry end. DariTech’s stationary ends that do not rotate with the drum increase throughput by over 50%, resulting in more bedding for less money. This is an idea we can all get behind.

The beauty of composting manure solids is that the aerobic bacteria which consume the organic matter are already in the solids, courtesy of the dairies’ cows. Once inside the BeddingMaster, the bugs proliferate as they finish the job begun in the cows’ stomachs. A blower pulls air through the drum, ensuring an ample air supply, which mixes with the solids that are tumbling from the rotation of the drum. Within just a few hours, the activity of the bacteria has brought the temperature to over 150°F where it stays as the material moves through the drum like a plug.

Separation Made Simple

Over five years ago, in response to the dairy industry’s demand for a reliable, self cleaning manure separator at a reasonable price, DariTech developed the concept of an internally fed rotary screen with an external spray bar. Now, we are pleased and proud to introduce the DT360, the new rotary style manure separator.

The DT360 has many features which are attractive to dairymen as they balance performance, reliability and labor and maintenance costs with the manure handling challenges facing today’s dairies. Because your time, as well as your crew’s, are best spent on tasks which make the dairy more productive, time spent maintaining and cleaning screens is preferably minimized. The automated spray bar, that can be configured for any timing sequence, allows for ongoing cleaning of the screens with minimal labor required.

The 360’s belt driven screen is simply the superior system on the market. Coupled with idler wheels with sealed stainless bearings, the DT360 promises extended periods of maintenance free operation, with infrequent belt changes being simple and inexpensive to perform.

  • Low horsepower operation
  • 3″ Stainless steel tubular frame construction
  • Solid nylon idler wheels with sealed SS bearings
  • Gearbox made in the U.S.
  • Built-in bypass system
  • Non-slip belt drive
  • Drive system well out of harms way
  • External CIP standard
  • Proven roller press

mclanahan_logoMcLanahan Horizontal Augers

In a typical manure scraping system, manure is scraped into a reception pit– in some cases it must be “turned” into the reception pit. This approach is labor-intensive.

McLanahan Horizontal AugersA barn cleaner may be used to turn manure. However barn cleaners are highly susceptible to wear – especially where sand bedding is used.

Gravity flow channels are also used to turn manure. However, debris can settle out in the channel, requiring the channel to be scraped clean regularly. These channels are often large enough to drive a skid-loader into to allow for cleaning. This creates an extremely dangerous working condition if the pit is below the barn floor.

The McLanahan Horizontal Auger eliminates ALL of these problems!

In tractor scrape systems, the “turning” of the manure into the reception pit is handled by the auger. In mechanical scraping systems, the horizontal auger takes place of barn cleaners. Since the auger does not contact the concrete gutter, wear on moving parts is minimal.

In gravity flow systems, the auger takes place of the gravity flow channels. The gutter is much smaller than the gravity flow channel, and requires much less concrete work. The benefits of the auger in this case are:

  • Lower cost
  • Less space needed
  • No labor required for cleaning
  • Safer maintenance than pits that dip below the ground

mclanahan_horizontal_augers_safety_coversSafety Covers

To protect man and animal from the rotating auger, as well as to allow vehicle traffic over the auger gutter, solid plate covers are available.


  • Highly wear-resistant
  • Can be installed in new barns or retro-fitted to fit

mclanahan_horizontal_augers_3The auger is installed in a concrete gutter, supported by hanger bearings. Special mounting options are available to retro-fit augers to existing gutters. At the discharge end, a steel trough supports the motor and gear reducer. As the auger rotates, the conveyed manure forms a natural trough the entire width of the barn.

Automated controls are available to interface with alley scrapers. These controls turn the auger prior to alley scraper dumping and off just after the auger trough is empty. Safety switches are available that discharge the auger when protective gates are open.

McLanahan Horizontal augers are available in continuous lengths up to 144 feet. For longer lengths, augers can be “piggy-backed” to achieve any desired flow path from barn to pit. Both single and three phase electric motors are available.

In applications where the auger discharge point is below the maximum level of manure, a special submersible gear reducer is available that will keep sand and other harsh contaminants from damaging the reducer.

  • Underground Pumps
  • Electric Pumps
  • Vertical Pumps
  • Articulated Pumps
  • Lagoon Pumps

houle_logo3-Point Hitch Agitators

Agitator with large screw for faster agitation without splash and with less odors. Different models of propeller available to agitate up to 33,500 US GPM.

  • A. Heavy-duty propeller with bearings in oil bath protected by a greasable 3-seal mechanism.
  • B. Portable fingertip hydraulic controls. Solenoid valves available to operate 2 pump functions per each tractor hydraulic port.
  • C. 540 RPM heavy-duty driveline with #55 PTO.

40° Vertical Articulation

Standard on 3-point hitch to break crust from underneath. When directed downwards, the propeller strongly pulls chunks to accelerate agitation.

  • Articulation of driveline in oil bath.
  • Crust breaking position from underneath, used at the beginning of the agitation.
  • Agitating position, used to create a swirl in the reservoir and to clear the immediate surrounding of the propeller.
  • Mixing position, used to draw the solid into the propeller.

60° Sideways Articulation

Available on 3-point hitch to agitate a wider area without having to move the tractor.

Optional Axle and Tow Bar

Available for road traveling. Heavy-duty jack to line-up the tow bar with the draw bar of the tractor.

  • Quick installation with rods and pins.

houle_logoHoule Manure Scrapers

Selection of scrapers for alleys on concrete or rubber mat, with or without groove for chain.

  • Three basic models of scrapers are offered for 7/8″ and pintle chains: 16° scraper, straight scraper and V-shape scraper.
  • The chain groove ensures the scraper remains centered widthwise and keeps the chain below the floor in order to maintain cow comfort.
  • Adjustable folding ends are available on 16° scraper in order to keep the scrapers centered in alleys without groove.

16° Scraper

16° TILTING SCRAPER WITH REPLACEABLE STEEL BLADES AND FOLDING ENDS – Adjustable flexible blades available for alleys with rubber mat and to better clean concrete alleys. Tilting blades start to clean the alley at the very beginning of the stroke and draw less bedding on the back stroke. Shown with optional center hinge.

16° TILTING SCRAPER – With steel wear blades and standard folding ends for manure alleys with or without groove. Tilting blades start to clean the alley at the very beginning of the stroke and draw less bedding on the back stroke.

16° TILTING SCRAPER WITH ADJUSTABLE FLEXIBLE BLADES – For rubber mat and to better clean concrete alleys. Draw bar for groove available.

OPTIONAL ADJUSTABLE FOLDING END – The 16° scraper is available with folding ends adjustable widthwise to keep the scraper centered in a manure alley without groove. The width of the alley must be even.

OPTIONAL HINGES – On 16° scraper to fold arms towards the center of alley. To allow circulation for bedding purpose.

Straight Scraper

Adjustable flexible blades available for alleys with rubber mat and to better clean alleys on concrete. Installation in a groove only.

V-Shape Scraper

V-SHAPE SCRAPER WITH REPLACEABLE STEEL BLADES. – Steel blades can be adjusted in order to compensate for wear.

V-SHAPE SCRAPER WITH NYLON ROLLERS – V-Shape with low-friction nylon rollers and round edges for use in alleys with rubber mat.


  • Steel blades can be adjusted in order to compensate wear.
  • Model with low-friction nylon rollers and round edges also available for use in alleys with rubber mat.
  • Shown with draw bar running in a groove.

houle_logoHoule EL48 Directional Manure Spreaders
Houle EL54 Manure Spreaders
Houle E66 Manure Spreaders
Houle EL84 Manure Spreaders
Houle Truck Mounted Manure Spreaders

fan_separator_logoFan Separator

The Fan Press Screw Separator (PSS) is an excellent machine made for the separation of suspended solids from liquids and sludges. With its compact design, it is easy to install and simple to maintain.
Fan Separator

  • Various models in stainless steel and cast iron are available
  • Different heavy duty gearbox motors, ranging from 4 kW to 30 kW, drive the rotating shaft inside of the screw press
  • Depending on the application, capacities between 5 and 350 cubic meters can be achieved.
  • The inflow can have a very low solid concentration with less than 1% dm, but the machine can also handle material with more than 20% dm
  • The separated solids dry matter can be up to 65 percent
  • The screen slot size ranges between 0.1mm and 1.0 mm