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Cow Comfort

Cow comfort is paramount to maximizing your dairy’s productivity. The health, production, well-being and longevity of your herd is important to us.  We work with each customer to design the best solutions for your cow comfort needs.  Foxland Incorporated is a leader in the distribution, installation and service of the industries’ leading products.

McLanahan Stall Filler

The McLanahan Stall Filler is specifically designed to handle sand. There is no metal-to-metal contact in the presence of sand. It beds freestalls quickly, easily and evenly. Depending on sand type and conditions you can fill more than 100 stalls in 2 1/2 minutes and discharge sand from either side up to 15 feet.

On a yard-for-yard basis, the McLanahan Millennium Stall Filler is the best value on the market, and is built to take abuse.

McLanahan Millennium Stall FillerEven Bedding Distribution

The McLanahan Millennium Stall Filler evenly distributes sand into freestalls up to 15 feet away from the machine. This means you can “shoot through” and rebed head-to-head freestalls from one alley. With even distribution of sand and less time required to rebed your barn, you can top-dress your stalls more frequently to maintain a deep sand bed, maximizing cow comfort.

Design Features:

  • 10-cubic yards heaped capacity (8-cubic yards struck level)
  • High speed abrasion-resistant discharge belt
  • Variable throwing distance and direction
  • Self-contained hydraulic system driven by tractor PTO. Pump is permanently mounted to the Stall Filler
  • Front or rear discharge available (Truck-mounted units only)

Trailer and Truck Mounted Stall Filler Units

McLanahan Millennium Truck Mounted Stall FillerThe Millennium Stall Filler is available as a Trailer unit or a Truck-mount unit. If you don’t have a tractor available to rebed your barn, the Truck-mounted Millennium Stall Filler is for you!

Truck-mounted units are easy to back in and out of the barn, and make it possible to transport large loads of sand longer distances. All hydraulics are safely located outside of the truck cab and are activated by electric over hydraulic controls. Front and rear discharge units are available.

High Capacity Hopper

The Millennium Stall Filler has a high capacity hopper which is designed to accommodate the largest of payloaders. Since you can haul larger loads of sand, you’ll make fewer trips through the barn.

Convenient Controls

Electric over hydraulic controls are included with the Trailer and Truck-mounted units. Our controls allow adjustment of the discharge belt tilt, speed, and direction, as well as feed (hopper belt) belt operation.


8-Yards Level / 10-Yards Heaped

Animat Rubber Mats

Animat Rubber MatsAfter more than 20 years of research and development, Animat continues to seek ways to improve cow comfort and productivity by producing the highest quality rubber flooring. Over the years, Animat has invested millions of dollars developing and manufacturing cow mats that meet the specific requirements of today’s dairymen and all the technological advances in the industry today.

Increased Comfort

The cow mats provides unparalleled comfort for your dairy herd and is the one product that comes closest to replicating the natural conditions found in pastures.

  • Unlike concrete, it helps to absorb shock to feet and legs.
  • Animat’s exclusive non-slip surface offers increased traction and superior cow comfort, even when wet, to allow your cows to maintain a natural sure-footed gait.
  • Significantly decreases the stress associated with moving about.

Improved Safety

Using the rubber flooring System can significantly decrease slippage and falls in the herd and reduces serious injuries related to these events.

Improved Hygiene

cow_comfort_rubber_mats_img_2Animat cow mats is non-porous and made of 100% recycled rubber, making it very stable and easy to clean and disinfect for a healthy environment. Unlike concrete, and sand bed, stall mats doesn’t absorb liquid or promote the development of bacteria and adapts well to all existing cleaning methods like flushing, alley scrapers, rubber tire scraping and more.

Improved Heat Detection

Accurate heat detection is a major element in the management of dairy herds and an ongoing concern of all modern dairymen. Unlike concrete surfaces, Animat’s rubber flooring utilizes an exclusive non-slip surface which helps dairy cows feel secure and allows them to show strong natural heats. This is critical if your heat detection is done by visually observing heats. Removing stress associated with mounting can effectively increase your conception ratio since heats appear stronger and are easier to detect.

Increased Profits

For the above reasons and more, the Animat cow mats can be the most cost-effective investment you can make for your dairy.

aerotek_logoAerotech Vortex Barn Fan

  • Cast aluminum 3-blade airfoil propeller and new profile for higher airflow and efficiency
  • Streamlined fiberglass housing designed for maximum efficiency
  • State-of-art shutter design using counter-weighted airfoil blades, intake channel and weather-tight seals
  • Stainless steel hardware and fasteners
  • New fiberglass Rifled discharge cone directs airflow for increased efficiency
  • Aircraft design drive support for minimum airflow resistance and increased efficiency
  • 51″ & 55″ model features high quality pillow block bearings
  • 51″ & 55″ model includes advanced drive system and high quality belt tensioner
  • Single phase, 3 phase, 2 speed and 50 hertz motors available for most models

Aerotech Advantage Barn Fan

  • Models: 9-24″ Direct Drive; 36″ Belt & Direct Drive; 48″ Belt Drive
  • Certified CFM/Watt air performance ratings authorized by BESS Lab
  • Tapered housings and extended cones smooth airflow and dramatically improve efficiency
  • Housing bottom slopes out toward exterior drain holes to keep building drier
  • Stainless steel hardware ensures maximum corrosion protection
  • PVC coated guards are durable and easy to clean.

Aerotech WF50/WF54 Barn Fan

  • Cast aluminum drive assembly utilizes enclosed automotive-style bearing and comes with a 7 year limited warranty
  • Automotive-style belt tensioner promotes top performance
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel propeller, durable enough to withstand harsh environments
  • Fan housing features formed galvanized steel perimeter for added strength, rigidity and wide flange for easy installation
  • Single or 3 phase high efficiency motor
  • Option of plastic or aluminum shutter
  • The MONO-STRUT offers strength and durability in a simple design

Aerotech Apex Barn Fan

  • Models: 36″ direct and belt drive & 48″ and 51″ belt drive
  • Heavy-gauge galvanized-steel panels and supports provide outstanding value in noncorrosive environments
  • Cast-aluminum 3-blade airfoil design propellers feature a limited lifetime warranty
  • AeroLink Plus belts reduce vibration, wear and stretching for longer life and eliminate the need for a belt tightener
  • If a tightener is preferred, a simple automotive-style is offered, designed for long wear and durability in harsh environments
  • Single phase motors with high-efficiency, capacitor-start/capacitor-run features reduce operating costs
  • Three phase motors are high-efficiency and designed to work with adjustable frequency drives for speed control
  • High strength galvanized tubular struts provide superior rigidity
  • High quality, greaseable, cast iron pillow block bearings assure longer life
  • Single phase, 3 phase, 2 speed and 50 hertz motors available for most models

Aerotech Grower Barn Fan

  • 18″ to 48″ models
  • High strength galvanized tubular struts provide superior rigidity
  • Motor/bearing mounts feature parallel “L-beam” design for solid stability with minimal airflow resistance
  • Aerodynamic propellers deliver high airflow and efficiency
  • Motors are totally enclosed for protection from the environment. Even the internal wiring connection box is sealed
  • AeroLink Plus belts outperform conventional belts by resisting vibration, wear and stretching for a long life
  • Plastic shutters open easily with minimal airflow resistance, yet close tightly to prevent air leaks

Aerotech Panel Barn Fan

  • Fiberglass panel fan with stainless steel hardware is ideal for harsh or corrosive environments
  • Galvanized panel fan with variable speed motor and zinc plated hardware provides economical ventilation in non-corrosive environments
  • High CFM/Watt efficiency means lower electricity costs
  • Propellers are cast-aluminum and individually balanced for smooth, efficient airflow
  • Recirculation guard kits mount easily on both sides of the fan

Aerotech Pipe Barn Fan

  • High efficiency variable speed motor reduces operating costs
  • White PVC air pipe for harsh or corrosive environments
  • Easy installation for a variety of applications
  • 15″ fan has two aluminum hanging clips bolted to top of housing
  • Cast-aluminum propeller is individually balanced for smooth operation
  • Stainless steel hardware ensures maximum corrosion protection
  • Inlet and outlet guards for safety

Roll-O-Matic Automated Curtains

Roll-O-Matic Automated Curtains

If you are searching for a curtain system produced by a leading manufacturer that has the latest technology, a computer line of products, and the fastest turn-around time; then DRI has what it takes to meet these challenges. We offer a high quality 1600 denier 12-ounce Nova-thene curtain that is lock stitched to assure the quality you desire. The UV inhibitor assures a longer curtain life. Our curtains are designed to withstand heavy winds, snow, and seasonal harshness. They are also resistant to bacteria and fungus.roll-o-matic-curtains

Why a Roll-O-Matic Curtain?

  • EXPERIENCE – DRI’s staff of leaders have a combined total of 120 years of experience in designing, marketing and providing services to the livestock industry.
  • KNOWLEDGE – Because of these years of experience in providing agriculture with livestock buildings and equipment, we know and understand how to help you tackle those tough challenges builders can face when it comes to choosing the right design for a difficult curtain installation.
  • PERFORMANCE – DRI has a long list of satisfied curtain customers in the Midwest who have operations in size anywhere from 100-5000 head. Every customer considers DRI to be the top choice of curtains when they compare us to the top competition, because of our rugged durability and simplicity of operation.
  • SERVICE – Our technicians offer service before and AFTER the sale to ensure that your curtain is always as dependable as we are.
  • Customized for new or existing structures
  • Split or single piece curtains
  • Center roll or top roll models available
  • No project too big or too small

kelly_logoKelly Poly Conveyors

Kelly Poly Conveyors is a regional leader in agribusiness manufacturing wood and poly conveyors and feeders.

Long-Lasting Poly Conveyors

Now available in 18 or 24 Inch Widths with inclines and declines available up to 45 degrees, and a new design for various applications including high volume center discharge silo unloaders.

NEW! Improved Bearing Design

Standard Double Chin Conveyor

  • Poly Sections Interchange With Wood Sections
  • Wooden Taper Board Feeder Units Available
  • Now Available Retro-Fit Poly Idler End

kelly_poly_conveyors_main_double_chainEasy Maintenance:

  • Idler End Slotted for Easy Shaft Maintenance
  • Remote Grease Fittings Available for Idler Bearings

Poly Features:

  • No Peeling or Fading
  • No Rust
  • No Decay
  • Smooth, Quiet Operation
  • Quality Components and Workmanship


  • Overall Width 19 1/2″ or 25 1/2″
  • Trough Width 18″ or 24″
  • Trough Width 36″ for Maximum Capacity Needs
  • Bottom Delivery Height 9 1/4″
  • Top Delivery Height 13 3/4″
  • Poly Sides are 5/8″ Thick
  • Poly Floor is 5/8″ Thick

Ritchie Waterers

A popular choice in feedlots, pastures, and dairies, the WaterMaster Series from Ritchie features a heavy one-piece polyethylene body that holds up even under the weight of cattle.